With the Summer Time here and restriction laws being lifted after a long year of coronavirus, people are excited to get outdoors and do activities that either the weather or the laws didn’t allow, which makes this the perfect time to drive your remote controlled-devices, and here are five different locations that will be perfect the summer! However, remember wherever you’re located to check local laws for exactly what you can drive and when! Here are the top 5 places to experiment with your RC Car, Plane, or Boat:

  1. Check out your local RC Track – People normally rely on building their own tracks or would prefer to test them out in their own gardens, however, your local RC Track could be a great change of scenery and you can meet other remote-controlled lovers. Some RC Tracks offer competitions and special events so why not research and find out the nearest one near you! If you’re from London, there are RC track clubs you can try out like Crystal Palace, Eden Park Raceway, and Fairlop Car Club.
  2. The Beach – The beach is a great place to build your own track! You’ll need to prep your vehicle for sand driving, but after that, feel free to add pits and holes of different sizes and let loose in the sand and even a little bit of waves.
  3. Car Parks – Car Parks are a great location to race with friends or build an obstacle course using the light poles and parking lines! Car parks are normally empty, have great space, and the perfect place to do a speed test
  4. Skate Park – These parks are FILLED with pipes, ramps, flat trails, and ledges, which is the perfect environment for your RC vehicle. However, it would be recommended if you have backup replacement parts and some practice before experimenting to avoid any death drops.
  5. Local County Park – Last but not least county parks are great because its highly likely to have wooded trails, creeks, and falling logs – perfect for building a natural course. It’s free and convenient to have endless hours of fun

Now you know the best places to experiment with your vehicles (the majority being free), why not try out these new ideas soon. However, when wanting to test your vehicle, especially a drone or plane, always keep local regulations in mind. The UK Civil Aviation Authority states that you must keep a minimum horizontal distance of 50m between the RC plane and people, along with other vehicles. For anybody who is an RC Enthusiast, a Beginner, or just wants to start a new hobby, Top Race is the best place to be, we offer the best customer service and support and can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Discover our products today and start your journey.

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