Best Holiday Remote Control Toys Gifts

This might be the year Santa Claus finally ditches the reindeer for a fleet of Top Race drones, construction vehicles, and RC excavator. Just kidding. 2020 will almost certainly be the year that many shoppers figure out what kind of construction vehicle or drone is worth putting under the Christmas tree.

Drones have been used for military purposes since before World War I. Drones for consumer use have only been available for a handful of years now, but they have become wildly popular in that short period. The first consumer drones were pretty pricey and required a steep learning curve, but today there are lots of budget-friendly ones on the market for flying.

Excavator for Rookies

The best place to start for construction vehicles is probably the TR-211 RC Excavator, available for all building lovers. The TR-211 comes equipped with a metal shovel that has the ability and power to dig with its heavy steel shovel. The Cab rotates 680 Degree, with three separate motors on the digging crane to go down and up. Utilizes a 2.4Ghz TX(Transmitter) for the highest-level performance, with a distance of more than 100 feet.

Though many of the remote control toys are affordable, some may require a little financial planning. After all, you wouldn’t want to blow your holiday budget. Luckily our Top Race products are unique and affordable so you and your children can enjoy picking up a new hobby this Christmas.

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