Remote Control Planes for Beginners

Have you always wanted to get yourself into the world of remote-control planes but don’t know where to start?  We can help you get started!

Finding the perfect RC Plane

Everyone could enjoy the aerobatic flight even if you’re is a new pilot. Flying a remote-control plane is easier than think. It used to be a difficult and time-consuming process to learn, but with today’s highly responsive devices, almost anyone can fly one.

Hobbyists have numerous of reasons for investing in RC models. For one, flying planes proves fun, calming which can create a subsonic feeling of freedom! You’ll have the chance to experience the Auto stable technology for smart stabled flight and secured take-off and landing. What’s more, you’ll unwind after a protracted day at school or work and gain some control over some time and happiness.

You don’t have to struggle with complicated upgrades to urge started with the fundamentals for an RC aeroplane. At Top Race we believe that everybody has their learning curve. Our RC planes have a beginner’s mode with self-stabilization of gyro system, which helps flying in any weather condition even in windy days! Allowing you to feel comfortable with your new hobby.

Top Race Beginner RC aeroplane recommendations

Our channel RC airplanes are our standard brand for beginners. This brand is reliable and the beginner’s mode allows you to feel at ease when using your RC plane for the first time. We want to ensure that new hobbyist enjoys their experience when choosing flying their RC plane. We have listed models below with lower prices so you can get a better start.

Top Race RC 2 Channel RTF Plane TR-C185

Top Race 2 channel remote control airplane, the TR-C185 was designed ready to fly (RTF) for training for new pilots and intermediate pilots.

Top Race 3 Channel Airplane TR-C285

Top race 3 channel remote control airplane a powerful ultra-sonic easy to fly airplane which is built in a 6-axis gyro system rtf great for beginners, intermediates and up to advanced hobbyists, the gyro modes can be switched from the right side of the remote

The TR-C285 was designed ready to fly (RTF) for training for new pilots and intermediate pilots.

Top Race 4 Channel Rc Plane – Stunt Flying Remote Control Airplane TR-C385

Top race 4 channel remote control airplane a powerful stunt Flying Remote Control Airplane Toy for Adults and Kids – Do Rools and Loops, Easy & Ready to Fly.



Get Your Engine Running from Top Race

Top Race has access to the best RC models. We even have experts readily available who can recommend you the models and parts you would like for maintaining your vehicles, know which battery packs will work, and which items most drivers prefer.

Reach dead set us today to urge started. We’ll facilitate your reach the high speed you would like, and explore the roads from a unique angle.

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