Why RC Toys Are So Popular 

In this digital era where children are constantly jumping on the latest technology such as smartphones, iPads/tablets, getting them to enjoy societal games is becoming harder. Now we have RC toys which are complete fun for anyone at any age. The dreams and fun you get from remote-control toys are endless and they are perfect for playtime or leisure time

Developmental aspects of RC toys:

Apart from this, remote control toys are excellent for development of Motor skills, Cognitive skills and for gaining knowledge. The reason they are so popular is that they have the element of both fun, education and development When you explain to your child different parts of a car or truck or drone live in front, they will for sure retain this new information for longer. Alongside this, getting to control the vehicle basis the controller helps in motor development as well.

Points to consider before choosing RC toy:

  1. It has to be Age appropriate:

Age appropriation is a big factor and it needs to be heavily considered before jumping up to buy a toy if your child is less than 5 years old, it is advisable to consider a basic start model for beginners. The reason of this is because the controls are a lot simpler with just 2 buttons allowing your child to enjoy as too many buttons may cause confusion,

As your child grows up, the complexity levels can be increased and cars or trucks of better stunts can be gifted to them. Further for younger kids, you can opt for musical RC toys so that the lights and sound attract them. Also, when ordering musical toys, check out for the volume buttons and volume quality, so as to ensure they are soothing.


2. Safety:

Safety is another important factor when buying the RC toy. RC packages come with chargers, controllers, main toys,s and they all mostly electrically chargeable. They have batteries as well, so you need to ensure that all the compartments are properly screwed. Further charging should not be handed over to young children. Have a clear look at the design and ensure that there are no choking hazards or sharp edges which might hurt kids. Like, very small side mirrors can be a choking hazard, as they get off very soon usually.

  1. Functions:

You need to know discreetly the speeds being controlled, charging durations, the robustness of the body, Control distances, flying times, weight it carries. This all has to be considered basis the age and development of your kid. While teens can plugin easily with cars racing more than 30mph, a 5-year-old cannot. For younger kids, you would want the functional time (flying or racing time) more with quick charging.

Types of Remote-Control toys available:

  • RC Cars
  • RC trucks
  • RC Monster Trucks
  • RC helicopters
  • RC airplanes
  • Drones
  • RC Robots
  • RC bikes
  • RC boats

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